Thursday, July 17, 2014


Welcome to Young Cubs on Clark!
Young Cubs on Clark is a brand new blog dedicated to coverage of the Chicago Cubs’ top young stars. Our writing will provide thorough statistics-based analysis of the Cubs’ top prospects as well as current, young MLB players that are a part of the Cubs’ core.
We’ll compare and contrast current prospects with past, and see how the Cubs #1 ranked farm system compares with other teams that struggled through a rebuild.

We will also be discussing sabermetrics in many of our articles, so we’ll constantly be compiling a guide to sabermetrics here.
We’re excited to be launching out on this journey to bring you in-depth analysis on the future of the Chicago Cubs, and we hope you are, too!
Check Young Cubs on Clark daily and dive in! We love to keep these discussions going, so comment away on all of our articles. We’d love to hear what you think about our analysis, as well as your general take on the Cubs’ future as well!
Stay tuned for our first analytical article as we take a look at Kris Bryant!

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